R. G. Bortz Construction Co., Inc.

449 Main Street

Oley PA  19547



Safety Policy

R. G. Bortz Construction Co., Inc. takes the safety and health of all employees very seriously.  The company and its employees follow federally mandates OSHA safety guidelines, sometimes setting even higher standards than OSHA requires; as they are set forth the company's SAFETY MANUAL.  The SAFETY SUPERVISOR oversees the company's safety mindedness, ensuring all of the employees follow the COMPANY SAFETY POLICY.  The work will be completed safely.


Statement of Company Safety Policy:


It is the goal of R. G. Bortz Construction Co., Inc. to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all employees.  The company will abide by all federally and state mandates rules and regulations as they pertain to the construction industry.  This company will provide equipment and conditions to ensure a safe job site for both employees and the public alike.  Safety education is provided for all employees. Subcontractors and anyone associated with the company, shall read and understand the Safety Manual and Statement of Policy as it pertains to his/her job.  These two items shall be used to help employees and others in exercising common sense and good judgment concerning job-site safety.


R. G. Bortz Construction Co., Inc. will give employees a safe place of work to return to every day, so that they may continue a healthy and safe career.